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arabian oud perfume

Mens Perfume Range

For a man with a strong personality and the seduction of the oriental spirit, Arabian Oud brings you a wide collection of fragrances that no woman could ever resist! Add an ultimate touch of elegance and supremacy wherever you go.
Feel the confidence with our huge collection and choose between the Unique Oriental, the Sophisticated Western or even enjoy the best mixture for a man who loves the freedom and power of the Oriental and Western Mixture.



A new language in the world of perfumes expresses you with exquisite elegance and trust in the infinite design of beauty and prestige and the composition of a refreshing collection of fruit between apples and bergamot and pink pepper to ignite your enthusiasm all the time .. To complement the fragrance of joy Add the essence of jasmine flower and patchouli to congratulate your luxurious luxury base of Amber and Musk to have more confidence in your family fragrance for everyone around you.

Saudi Mukhallat silver

Saudi Mukhallat Silver

Inspired from the Authenticity of Arabism with all its high qualities and the generosity of the Land of the Two Holy Mosques.

Arabian Knights

Arabian Knight Spray

In order to make sure it fills you with more confidence, we added a unique mixture of flower, jasmine and cinnamon to make your arrows decisive crowning you as the one and only "Arabian Night

White Absolu

XO Homme Spray

With a charming confidence and a uniquely shaped and composed fragrance comes this perfume filled with endless freshness and unlimited luxury. XO Perfume for Men is a perfume that will soon become a fragrance you rely on all your special nights.

Kashmir Spray

Kashmir Spray

From the magic of Kashmir and the beauty of its beautiful nature .. We inspired this fragrance .. A group of tropical fruits in a trip mixed with flowers, roses and jasmine .. Vktmnha base of white musk and cashmere and vanilla to give you a fragrance that parallels the beauty of nature.

Mera ..Perfume Spray

Mera Silver Spray 

Mera .. perfume superior design and calm composition elegant, attractive, consists of the wonderful smell of berries, mixed with a distinct layer of roses el goery , Iris, based at the end of the aromatic base of the summary of amber, vanilla, white musk for the completion of an elegant private appealing quietly.

Mabsoos Al-Shoukh

Mukhallat Shahrayar Spray 

For a special night filled with the odour of flowers, violets and the special scent of Jasmine ending up on the serene attractiveness of sandalwood and rice to eventually calm on the beautiful fragrance of musk, ombre and vanilla giving you a unique feeling of confidence just like a Shahrayar.


Al-Rubban Spray

Inspired from the glorious mysteries of a leading personality with the refreshing scent of green apple, Bergamot and blackcurrant fragrance taking you into a whole new adventurous feeling filled with mystery rising from its charming composition

Emperor Spray

Emperor Spray

A quality name that keeps up with its powerful fragrance, sitting on the top of the throne of your favorite perfumes. With its elegantly designed bottle and unique composition of Albashen Fruit and distinctive spices, adding a special touch to your attractive perfume with a layer filled with musk, gardenia found on the tonka, vanilla and the outstanding smell of sandalwood granting you the feeling of a true emperor wherever you go .. A Perfume you truly deserve

Sher Kalemat

Sehr El-Kalemat  Spray 

After the remarkable success achieved Kalemat fragrance and as an extension of the company's approach to develop the successful products which were favoured by the company's customers, now we have this developed fragrance called Magic of Words. This charming fragrance combines patchouli flower, violet, bergamot extract mixed with a layer through a fantastic mix of vanilla and a touch of the oud to calm down in the end in addition to extract of musk and luxury amber, giving you a distinctive charm in all occasions.

Kingdom Majoon

Oud Mukhallat Mumayaz Spray

An extension of the world of luxury and excellence, came this wonderful mix of perfume to be culminated with The finest oud donor giving the user confidence and sense of uniqueness with his fragrance that capture the attention of all around him.

Ehsas Spray

Ehsas Spray

Wonderful breezes of the fragrance of bergamot and apple mixed with an amazing gorgeous of lily of the valley, roses and jasmine hugging a mix of whiff of vanilla, Sidr wood and amber, to give you a sense of unique and special feeling with Ehsas Spray.

Majestic Spray

Majestic Spray 

By the excellency, uniqueness, special design and good packaging came this perfume in its luxurious package, this fragrance is distinctive and more attractive than other perfumes where we mixed bergamot flowers with wild flowers and balsa wood together with rich layer of dafana spirit fragrance and rare hyacinth flower that is concentrated on fragrance base of white incenses, sandal wood and the extract of oud that is specially extracted to this perfume.



Hugs the sky and be familiar with it, Saqr majestic perfume distinct composition consisting of (grapefruit, mandarin, ginger and patchouli) mixed with a layer of (pink pepper, lemon Sicilians, Afattafr and nutmeg) based on the base of ( cedar wood, musk, sandalwood and lute) and so this combination to be completed by hugging the sky

woody intence

Woody Intence

Woody Intense is a wonderful, special, concentrated perfume that has always been loved by Arabian Oud's clients.



Woody fragrance, is a unique mix that has been specially made from the heart of nature and the most beautiful woods of bark of trees to embrace roses and mixed with musk and dried amber, making it so special that all fragrances are jealous from.

woody black

Woody Black

This perfume gives you a feeling of ultimate energy all day long with light incense, soft carnation, and cedar wood fragrance; a true feeling satisfaction and long-lasting fresh scent.

Rosewood Rose

Special Night Spray

It is the best gift for women in all events and times, the smell remains for a long time. Using this perfum leaves an imprint in the heart that can't be removed by time. It participates in creating intimacy and love among all people what ever their ages are specially those in the begining of their married life, or those who are going to get marry.


Kalemat Spray

Created from pink musk grapes flowers and star anise flowers, we poured an odour touching dreamers thoughts to flow like poetry. Mixed with mahogany wood, rosemary flower and cashmere wood. It is a treasure to give as a present to commemorate beautiful memories, with tilapia amber, musk and honey will make you feel glamorous fragrance and unique in a special way.

360 for men perfume

360 for Men

The top layer: Lychee fruit and Cyclamen flower
The middle lyer: Rosemary flower Alhishom fruit
Base or bottom layer: Traic flower and Busadanaa plant

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Full width intro with image background, color overlay and a picture on the left. You can easily change the size of image in block parameters.



Your personality is a fingerprint. Reflecting what is inside you .. Your style .. Your presence .. And you, we represented you in an attractive fragrance with a layer of orange blossom and cardamom .. Blended with a fine blend of wood and lute and sandalwood, based on rosewood with the smell of incense. I appreciate your presence in the fragrance.

Arabian code

Arabian code

Elegance design and unique components of Lotus flower and Jasmine settled on a base of Musk and Sandal to make you show among the audience.

majestic platibum

Majestic Platinum

Combining extract of Bargamot and Balsa wood mixed with extreme care with Sandal wood for more refreshment and vividness to be based on the grape fruit of a perfume worthy of its owners making it unique and attractive everywhere.

White Absolu

White Absolu

White Absolu Distinct perfume composition is composed of a unique summary of rose, jasmine blended with musk based on the base of amber and sandalwood

Blue Oud Set

Solid  Spray

An extension of the world of luxury and excellence came this fragrance

Woody Mix

Woody Mix

It's an exquisitely beautiful collection right from the heart of the vibrant and prosper nature, made especially to satisfy your splendid taste.

woody collection

One thousand nights Spray

Enjoy the feeling of fairytales for One Thousand Nights mixed with Amber musk, Wood, Saffron and the beautiful breeze of flowers, only from Arabian Oud.

Feeling Collection

Arabian Legend for Men

A legendary perfume with vast experience came with a blend worthy of being a legend and crown you with the Arabian legend of perfumes from Arabian Oud.

oud jewel arabian oud

Oud Jewel

A new kind of elegency wrapped to you in this authentic jewellery extracted from original Indian Dehn Oud, ambre and mixed with meticulously crafted from our extended spring experience for many years with the most incredible rose breeze, saffron and sandalwood to give you a new experience that will make you filled with an endless felling of dignified and prestigious presence wherever you go.

Oud 1000

Layal Perfume Spray




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