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arabian oud perfume

Womans Perfume Range

Daring for a woman who loves freedom and action via its exuding scent. Indulge yourself and turn all eyes on you with our unique collection of women fragrances that gives you the perfect combination of a woman’s love, affection and warmth and her confident, fierceful nature all in one perfume.
Feel like a princess and enjoy the lively fragrance you deserve. Glamorous, adventurous, classy, unique, sophisticated, authentic and seductive, this is what we are offering you here at Arabian Oud, so go ahead and check our latest Women’s perfume collection.


Cavaliere Perfume

A new language in the world of perfumes expresses you with exquisite elegance and trust in endless rich composition refreshing lemon and black currants and to complement the fragrance of joy Add the flower of jasmine and Rose refreshing fruit peaches and berries to
enjoy your attractive taste Bnothh ​​girl slender .. And congratulations to your attractive design of his wonderful glass and the content of its layers captivated luxury class From flannel, amber and musk to make your perfume beautiful and beautiful, a presence that grabs the attention of everyone around you.

Saudi Mukhallat Gold

Saudi Mukhallat Gold Perfume

Inspired from the Authenticity of Arabism with all its high qualities and the generosity of the Land of the Two Holy Mosques.


Nagham Perfume Spray 

A unique brand worthy of its owners with luxury and giving confidence.  This spray version was released to meet the demands of its lovers and keep it going with its special bottle that embraces a unique brand worthy of its owners with luxury and giving confidence.

Rosewood Rose

Special Nights Perfume Spray 

Your special fragrance for your special nights, adorable in form and configuration, with a lovely charmand beyond your senses, nice odor, gentel, splinded, a pungent odor of the ecstatic of special evinings, with the taste of litchi fruit and queen of night flower that enriches your night and fires the black angle plant and sun flowers worming your heart, that is dressed by patchouli flowers, nesreen flowers for elegant nights for a dreamy special girl.

Candy Rose Spray

Candy Rose Perfume Spray

Candy Rose Distinct perfume composition is composed of a unique fruit scents mixed with flowers and peach flowers based on a combination of wood and white musk scents

Badr Al-Bdour Spray  		woman

Badr Al-Bdour PerfumeSpray woman

This irresistible fragrance is based on rich white musk, vanilla extract and sandalwood to enlighten your sky at all times, walking with the beauty of Badr AlBodour. 


Hayati Perfume

New language in the world of perfumes, a distinct and stylish form and orientation exciting content when combines Abstract flowers Albergmot, mandarin fruit and jasmine flower in the end based on a combination of sandalwood, vanilla and musk Anbari. The fragrance we give you deserve to be called my life.

woody blanc

Woody Blanc Perfume

A unique addition to the magnificent Woody Perfume collection that made tremendous success over the years with global awards. An addition to the company's approach in developing successful products we represent to you White Woody. This perfume is an extension of the ultimate vividness of natural fruits with green apple freshness, Spanish orange and condensed wild berries giving you a feeling of unlimited energy. For more freshness, we spilled the sweetest Jouri roses and violet leaves mixed with pear flower to meet your aspirations for a vividness extending all day with musk… a true feeling of satisfaction and long-lasting fresh scent.

Arabian code

Donna Soiree Perfume

Elegance design and unique components of Lotus flower and Jasmine settled on a base of Musk and Sandal to make you show among the audience.

Majoon Alshioukh

Mukhalat Shahrazad

For a special night filled with the odour of flowers, violets and the special scent of Jasmine ending up on the serene attractiveness of sandalwood and rice to eventually calm on the beautiful fragrance of musk, ombre and vanilla giving you a unique feeling of confidence just like a Shahrayar.

Majoon Alarabia Musk Oil

Pretty Lady Perfume Spray

Ravish your nights with every woman's must-have perfume Pretty Lady from Arabian Oud and get ready for an endless feeling of confidence and glamourous.

Mabsoos Al-Shoukh

XO Femme Perfume Spray

With an attractive shape and a splendid composition, we wrap this irresistible, elegant XO Perfume for Women. Filled with endless feminism from the essence of Vanilla, hyacinth flower and the delicate French Iris flower to indulge in an indescribable perfume.

Reem Perfume for Women

Reem Perfume for Women

For a splendour name, came this perfume to describe its vibrant and full of life perfume. Made from tropical fruits, jasmine flower and Jack grapefruit to revive your very own existence with a richly aromatic based on Allecheh fruits, patchouli flower and vanilla essence oozes the essence of its content-rich layer of white royal musk and sandalwood to make you indulge with endless feminine feeling representing the magnificence of your leading character .

Kalemat Majoon

Cinderella (Disney) Perfume

Arabian Oud approaches the land of magic and City of Dreams (Disney) building a magical fortress with this irresistible product to draw a smile on all the faces of every adventure lovers.

Kalemat Mabsoos

Donna Perfume

With a slender, amazing special harmony, creativity and a very distinctive modern package we bring you the most attractive and wonderful Feminine fragrance to match your beauty and give you an endless magnificence with Donna Perfume from Arabian Oud.

Kingdom Majoon

Gharam Perfume for Women

After the huge success of its former perfume that has been awarded several international awards because of its unique shape and distinguished fragrance, Arabian Oud is proud to release the new Gharam Perfume for Women to satisfy all our special clients.

360 For Women Spray

360 For Women Perfume Spray

The upper layer: Passion fruit and white incense fragrance.
The middle layer: Kashmasha leaves and Shanbaq flowers.
The bottom layer: Gayack & teak wood with verbena flowers.

Arabian Legend for Women

Arabian Legend for Women

A legendary perfume with vast experience came with a blend worthy of being a legend to give you confidence in your perfume and crown you with the Arabian legend of perfumes from Arabian Oud.

feeling inn white spray.

Feeling Inn (White / Black)

A delicate Perfume filled with endless vital thanks to its rich layers of apples, peaches and tangerines to be the top refreshing layer mixed with lily of the valley and jasmine and Almagnulaa flowers and based on a quiet layer that would get you lost in a self-fulfilling feeling.

Blue Oud Set

Lara Perfume

The high layer: Delightful AlaalangFlowers and Aldatura flower
The middle layer: Florentine iris and Bourbons flowers
The base/last layer: Lilies of the valley and amazon lotus flower

Woody Mix

Lamsa Perfume

The same perfect shape of a perfume bottle that was one of the most splendid bottles for 2012. After expanding to 50ml, a spray was released to complement the glamour of the bottle with harmony: orange mixes with lemon and berry to touch jasmine scent and eventually settle over a mix of Batcholi and honey flowers; giving you a perfume worthy of 2012.

woody collection

Al Romansia Perfume

A wonderful mix of tropical fruit, orange flower and black berries mixed with peach, ylang-ylang flowers and jasmine to rest in the end with musk and amber to give you confidence in your perfume and romantic you deserve. 

Feeling Collection

Crazy Moody Perfume

A perfume that will make you forget all your burdens and renew your energy with your new crazy perfume filled with the finest aromatic breezes

special night collection

Khaleejiah Special Edition Perfume 

Eastern fragrance is attractive and fresh smell, the most beautiful and most wonderful thing produced by Arabian Oud, given a warm and comfortable smell, contains an impressive array of the finest ingredients from the fruits and fragrant black plums, with orange fruit, plus smell roses and saffron with sandalwood and musk

Secret Collection

Madawi Perfume Spray

A Special fragrance inspired by the character of the contemporary women, the pride of time Al Aseel including the aromatic bouquet of apple, peach, pineapple melted memories of last longing, an anchor on the base of roses and flowers, patchouli and musk, deeply feeling of real satisfaction .

Mabsoos Khas

Queen Perfume Spray

Arabian Queen of Oud

Oud 1000

Layal Perfume Spray


Butterfly Perfume Spray No 4

Arabian Butterfly No 4.


Butterfly Perfume Spray No 5

Arabian Butterfly No 5.

jasmine disney

Jasmine Disney Perfume

Arabian Oud approaches the land of magic and City of Dreams (Disney) building a magical fortress with this irresistible product to draw a smile on all the faces of every adventure lovers.

Musk Collection

Minnie Disney Perfume

Scented with the strongest breezes generously filled with joy and pleasure, full of energy to carry you with your imagination to a planet full of fun and interesting adventures

Crazy moody

Lovely Perfume Spray

A bold perfume filled with the scent of special nights to fill your soul with the highest meanings of love.

Lou Lou Oud Spray

Lou Lou Perfume Spray 




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